Top Indian Mehndi Designs for Brides and Grooms

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Top Portrait Mehndi Designs For Wedding
30 April, 2019
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Best Mehndi Design Tips and Tricks
20 May, 2019
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Indian weddings are famous for lavish food, music, dance and last but the most important beautiful mehndi designs which complete the Indian bride look. Every Indian bride looks forward to the mehndi ceremony before the wedding day, which she celebrates with her friends and family. The application of the intriguing top Indian mehndi designs not only accentuate her bridal look but also gives a soothing effect to the stress faced during hectic wedding functions.

A wedding without mehndi is simply impossible in Indian culture and must not do that too. Not just henna flares the overall ensemble of the bride to be, but it is also considered to be a symbol of good fortune.

Here we present some beautiful and intriguing top Indian mehndi designs for both bride and groom. As nowadays, groom mehndi designs have also become a trend in Indian weddings.

Classic Floral Mehndi 

mehndi designs back hand, best mehndi artist in delhi

Women all over the world have one thing in common and that is their love for flowers and floral motifs. The floral design is the most common yet most beautiful bridal mehndi designs anyone can have on their hands. They have been in the game for quite some time and they are still worth it.

Different types of henna floral designs like lotus rose and many more can be drawn along with leaves and other designs

Dulha – Dhulhan Indian Mehndi Design 

top bridal mehndi designs, best bridal mehndi artist in delhi

Indian brides are very fond of Dhulha – Dhulhan mehndi design on their wedding day. It is a very famous Indian bridal mehndi design. In this bridal mehndi design, the whole hand is filled with mehndi. This design can be taken to another level by mixing it with peacock or mango motifs.

These designs are suitable for wedding functions only and will look suitable for your wedding outfit.

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Bracelet Style Mehndi 

Arabic Mehandi Design for Back Hands, mehndi designs gallery, best mehndi artist in delhi

Bracelet style mehndi is the new favorite among people nowadays. It just adds grace to your palms than the bracelet inspired designs. You can substitute your accessories with this mehndi design.

Bracelet style mehndi designs are the perfect mix of both modern and traditional design that can be easily done at home. Just start by making V design on your wrist and take it forward by making some elegant floral motifs or geometric designs.

Traditional Mango Motif Design

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Mango motif design is inspired by bridal Indian mehndi design. These designs can be extended till upper arms. The mehndi has been done following one single patter on both hands. This design can be worn in legs too. In some traditional occasions, women wear this on their legs.

mango motif design is suitable for engagement and wedding ceremonies and will look stunning with traditional outfits.

Peacock Designs

new dulhan mehndi design by manoj mehndi artist, Mehndi Designs Gallery, best bridal mehndi artist in delhi

This is one of the oldest designs of mehndi hailing from the older generation, this design is still in trend. When applied with heavy pattern this bridal mehndi design can surely turn some heads. Such easy designs for girls always workout.

Chequered designs 

stylish mehandi for hands, mehndi designs gallery, best mehndi artist in delhi

The chequered style is one of the best mehndi design and highly attractive. It is common among young girls and modern women. The fact that it is very easy to apply make it a go-to option.

Border designs 

stylish mehndi designs, best mehndi artist in delhi

Border work mehndi design is a perfect choice for college girls and other young fashionistas to ace up their ethnic charm and personality. These simple design for the full hand can be easily drawn out for any function with much ease and satisfaction.

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The Elegant Black Mehndi Design 

radha krishna mehndi designs, mehndi artist in delhi

The black mehndi design is comparatively a new mehndi design and is a top pick among the young lot. It is commonly used for outlining and shading, but you can always break the rules.

There are many ways to flaunt the black mehndi design- using thick lines and big floral patterns, with colored henna designs, glitter mehndi, star mehndi designs with some embellishments and more.

Artistic Indian Mehndi Designs 

Karva Chauth Mehndi Design, mehndi designs gallery, best mehndi artist in delhi

You can try this mehndi design for night parties and traditional family occasions. These are not clumsy and therefore you can team it up with your modern clothes. To look more glamorous you can pair it up with heavy bangles.

Groom Mehndi Design 

Traditional Mehndi Design for Hands, indian mehndi designs, best mehndi artist in delhi, top mehndi designs for men

This arm mehndi design looks very elegant on groom’ hand. These type of mythical mehndi designs are considered very auspicious for the groom who wants to add a spiritual touch to mehndi.

This was a collection of some of the most beautiful and top Indian mehndi designs by Manoj Mehndi Artist, leading mehndi artist in delhi.
We offer one of the best mehndi packages for brides and grooms’ family.

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