Best Mehndi Design Tips and Tricks

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Top Indian Mehndi Designs for Brides and Grooms
10 May, 2019
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mehndi design tips and tricks, mehndi artists in delhi

Happy occasions in India are synonymous with Mehndi! Be it Rakshabandhan, Teej or family weddings, women in India are always looking for a reason to don some Mehndi designs on their hands and feet. What started out as a tradition has now become a hot trend at fancy weddings, music and food festivals even kitty parties. But who’s complaining? Don’t we all just love intricate Mehndi designs every now and then? All’s well until you end with a novice Mehndi artist with barely any finesse. Mehndi designing is an art and we sure as hell need more talented Mehndi artists in Delhi. A true Mehndi artist is someone who is willing to experimenting with bridal Mehndi designs or uses multiple Mehndi design tips and tricks, follow trends and basically stay ahead of the game without losing on the authenticity.

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As for the rest, here are some mehndi design tips and tricks that can elevate your Mehndi game a notch or two.

In the array of pre-wedding functions, it is the Mehndi night that the Ladkiwale enjoy the most. This night is all about the aroma of Mehndi filling the air, happy tears around and bass-boosted music blasting through the speakers. This ceremony wouldn’t mean a thing without the beautiful Mehndi designs on the bride’s hands and feet. So to make sure, you have that aspect sorted, here are some Mehndi design tips and tricks to follow.

Spin off the Classics 

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Brides are spotted with a Duha and Dulhan Mehndi designs on their hands but what is so cool about that in 2019? Well, customization and personalization sure help. Pass off the classic dulha – dulhan design to replace it with a dancing dulha or drinking dulha with motorcyclist dulhan. This would surely make your Mehndi stand out of the rest.


mehndi designs back hand, best mehndi artist in delhi

Be it bridal Mehndi designs or bridesmaid’s mehndi, you just can’t go without motifs. From leaves to wines to creepers to flowers to swirls to paisley; you can select a plethora of such motif designs in our mehndi designs gallery. You can select any of them and rock that dreamy Mehndi for your best friend’s wedding.

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top bridal mehndi designs, best bridal mehndi artist in delhi

This is definitely for the quirky Mehndi lovers. You can get short quotes, phrases or even wedding shlokas on your palms for the big day. We have seen ladies getting their husband’s name written in henna but nothing like a quote from them. This is the most unique out of all Mehndi design tips & tricks you’ll read anywhere.

Have a look some traditional indian mehndi designs

Symbols of Love and Happiness 

Not all Mehndi brides want delicate floral and paisley designs, some have a story to tell. One of the many unique Mehndi design tips and tricks is to use your story as an inspiration for Mehndi. We’ve seen brides getting their city skylines, dog paws, keys and what not on their Mehndi days. Seriously, what’s quirkier than that? Think of some distinguishing factor about your personality or love story and get it all over your hand.

A good mehndi design will add to your ethnic charm but only if the color shows up dark. For that, you must take some measures like using henna oil, lemon and sugar juice, no creams or moisturizers and especially no washing hands after mehndi has been applied. These mehndi design tips and tricks are sure to come handy the next time you sit on the hot seat for mehndi application.

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